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Windows 10 Poll Results

Have you considered a managed service to support Windows 10 and the management of your Modern Devices? It's probably time that you did!

We took an informal poll of some of our clients and contacts, the results were interesting and confirmed a few things we have been wondering about for a while. Here is what we asked people:

Finish this sentence. We are on Windows 10 and...
are on a current branch.
are not on a current branch, we don't have the skills.
are not on a current branch, it is too expensive.
are moving to a current branch, it is just taking a long time because we have competing priorities.
just kidding, we are still on Windows 7.
While we know our sample size wasn't large enough to make the evening news, however, for sometime now we have suspected that due to the ongoing updates required by Window 10, organizations haven't been able to keep up. 
Wondering if you are on a current branch? Here is our handy, dandy Win10 EOL calendar
When IT can't keep up and get their organization current on Windows 10 (and O365, SCCM, etc.), it is a double edge sword. Often they can't keep current because they are already running around trying to put out fires and stay focused on other "more pressing" priorities. However, running an unsupported branch can create more of the fire drills they are trying to avoid. Worst of all, it leaves organizations vulnerable to security breaches. 
So, what is the solution? Well, you could hire more people (we can help with that), you could increase your budgets (sorry, we can't help with that), or you could consider a Managed Service (yup, we've got you covered there). Check out the latest video from our Simple vs. Complicated Series:
You may have talked to us before about Modern Device Management, but it is worth revisiting the conversation. We have done nearly a billion Windows 10 migrations and managed nearly a zillion devices (ok, we are using "nearly" very liberally, but...) and we have taken all of that learning and expertise to create a very modular version of our previous solution so it can be customized to fit your specific needs. The best part about it? 
We bet that we can do it for less than you can.
Less of what, you ask? We're talking about less resources, less time and less money. Want to know more? Give us a call today. 


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