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Modern Desktop | What exactly is it? Part II

A Modern Workplace is the journey of making sure the culture, creativity, and spirit of your organization is ready to move forward on their digital...


SharePoint: The Importance of a Tidy House 

There are guidelines and best practices for when to use SharePoint vs OD vs Teams, but when it comes to it, SharePoint is the engine behind all...


Managing Files in Microsoft Teams

Do you have a plan in place for managing your files in Microsoft Teams? File management can be tricky if you don’t have a plan. To help, we’ve put...

Microsoft 365

ACM is Not A One-Size Fits All Solution

ACM is complex & includes disciplines such as communications, training, measurement, & more. Learn how to right-size what your organization needs.

change management

Blast Off ... with ACM!

Change is a given. Although it can be a struggle, change in an organizational setting is necessary. New projects are constantly in motion to increase...

change management

Successfully Transforming to a Modern Workplace

What is a Modern Workplace? Understanding the vision and the critical successful factors to achieving the end state can help you get your desired...