AMTRA Solutions signs Exclusive Canadian Partnership Agreement with AtBot (H3 Solutions)

August 19, 2019

August 19, 2019

CANADA – AMTRA Solutions today announced an exclusive Canadian partnership agreement with AtBot, a no-code, bot-building platform powered by Microsoft Flow and Microsoft AI that integrates seamlessly into Office 365 environments.

This exclusive agreement enables AMTRA to build custom solutions leveraging the Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Cognitive Services and logic using Microsoft Flow both inside and outside of Microsoft Teams.  Built completely within Azure, AtBot is an out-of-the-box, easy-to-configure bot for Teams, SharePoint and the web.

“AMTRA’s All things Teams includes using Teams extensibility as a platform for business transformation. AtBot in the AMTRA portfolio enables building of custom solutions without custom development, leveraging the Microsoft technologies both inside and outside of Microsoft Teams,” said Michael LaMontagne, Teams Principal Architect and Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP.  

“Our partnership with AMTRA allows us to bring AtBot to the Canadian market. Our goal is to help Canadians bring real conversational user experiences to the places their users are already getting work done“ said Joe Herres, CEO at H3 Solutions.

About H3 Solutions (AtBot)
H3 Solutions has been providing products and services to customers in the Microsoft ecosystem since 2006.  A Microsoft Partner, the Company developed AtBot to offer an innovative no-code platform to the Microsoft community. AtBot makes it simple to incorporate AI into everyday workloads. Using intuitive no-code building blocks, one can train and deploy bots and customize to specific business needs.

About AMTRA Solutions  
AMTRA Solutions is a leading provider of professional and managed services, with a focus on Modern Workplace, Data & Analytics, Cloud, and Staffing. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration & Content, Data Platform, Datacenter and Windows & Devices, AMTRA is recognized for delivering innovative Modern Workplace solutions. The Company is 'All Things Teams' and its commitment is to provide quality solutions and excellence while maintaining a high level of customer service and support.

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