Why Mobile Device Management

May 26, 2021

Smartphones, laptops, and messaging apps have all changed the way we do business. While mobile devices can enhance overall productivity, it also increases the risk of losing confidential business data.

That’s why its so important to have a plan in place to manage your disparate devices. But, what exactly is mobile device management and why is it so important. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM stands for mobile device management. Essentially, it allows your company’s IT department to remotely secure, lock, encrypt, track, and manage mobile devices on your network. MDM enables powerful security measures, quicker troubleshooting diagnosis through remote control, and enhanced monitoring of workplace device usage.

Why is Mobile Device Management Important
Beyond just monitoring devices, the benefits of mobile device management include a range of other management capabilities that can be accomplished without having to manually set up or update a smartphone, laptop, or other corporate mobile device.

Enhanced flexibility for the remote workforce

When employees need to access files while working on mobile devices, MDM enables convenient access to relevant documents at any time and any location.

Company files such as training documents and forms can be shared as needed, while making sure they’re only accessed by those authorized to do so. MDM solutions also allow for grouping capabilities so that IT managers can automatically distribute files to specific groups by department, region or feature quickly and securely.

The increased flexibility of mobile device management gives companies the control they need over their mobile devices while supporting the freedom of the mobile workforce to work efficiently.

Time-saving security and control

Effective MDM ensures that sensitive corporate data such as emails and documents are always secure. If a device has been reported lost or stolen, the IT team can lock it down, disconnect it, or turn it off completely.

MDM also gives companies better control over groups of devices, which is great for companies with field workers or distributed teams. Setting up devices and implementing security software is done automatically, along with pushing out specific tools and apps to employees’ smartphones and laptops. Company-wide app updates are also easily achieved without having to bring the device into the IT department.

Efficient and robust management

While mobile devices are invaluable, they can also be distracting for employees during the workday. With MDM, administrators can limit the use of social media apps such as Instagram, YouTube, and others to improve work output and reduce excess data charges.

Mobile device management can also prevent employees from downloading unauthorized applications.

What to look for in an MDM solution

Implementing the right mobile device management solution for your company is critical to the efficient management of a remote workforce. Your IT staff shouldn’t have to engage in costly travel or lengthy calls to manage your company’s mobile devices.

When looking for an MDM solution, if you don’t need advanced enterprise features, you shouldn’t pay for them. A more budget-friendly lightweight solution may be able to effectively fulfill your needs. Take the time to identify your needs, and prioritize them so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices.

If you have any questions on implementing a mobile device management tool within your business, send us a note info@amtrasolutions.com.

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