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IT and Security Teams Need to Work Together to Improve Security

August 31, 2022

For executives in the IT and security spaces, the current work climate offers reasons to worry. As workers begin to move between their home and remote offices, challenges will present themselves. Users want instant access to their corporate assets - without the inconvenience of arduous security protocols or compromised security.

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What Can You Accomplish with Azure AD Zero Trust Foundations

August 24, 2021

The security landscape has changed with remote work and cloud applications. Employees are working remotely and using their own devices to get work done. Data is being accessed and shared outside the corporate network and data and applications are moving to the cloud. Security now extends beyond the physical location of the office.

If your organization relies on on-premises firewalls and VPNs, you may lack the visibility and agility to deliver efficient, comprehensive security coverage.

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What is a Cloud Solution Provider and Why is it Important?

August 19, 2021

In response to the widespread transition to remote work and the pace of digital innovation, its become more challenging to manage licensing assets. But how do you streamline licensing and manage costs? We think you should consider a Cloud Solution Provider or CSP. If you’re wondering what a Cloud Solutions Provider is, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you all about it, and why it’s such a great idea for your business to consider partnering with a CSP.

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What is Modern Endpoint Management

July 23, 2021

Modern Endpoint Management offers a seamless, end-to-end management solution without the complexity of a disruption to productivity.

It provides you with a wide range of features and services to manage and monitor a full range of devices including mobile devices, desktop computers, virtual machines, embedded devices and servers.

It’s a must for organizations looking to provide greater security, monitoring and updates across a full range of devices.

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Why A Staffing Partner is a Great Strategy for Talent

July 15, 2021

Finding top talent in a candidate-driven market requires the deployment of a proven recruitment strategy. Yet, most growing companies have other demands that take precedence over searching for qualified candidates. As workloads continue to increase, it can be difficult for HR teams to adequately manage daily responsibilities.

So, how can your organization continue to discover great candidates while lessening the burden on your HR team? By aligning with a strategic staffing partner, of course!

Below are five reasons why partnering with a recruitment firm may be the right move for your company.

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A Security Breach Defined and Why Its Important

June 11, 2021

Eventually, no matter how strong your company’s defenses are, someone, somewhere, will manage to compromise your security. And as much as you want to be 100% secure, there is no defense system that’s immune to an attack. What’s more shocking is that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million and the average time to identify a breach is 280 days (IBM).

However, just because you’ve been the victim of a security breach doesn’t mean you can’t recover (even though it may feel like the end of the world). A recovery and return to business as usual are possible ... if you have a plan in place.

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Why Mobile Device Management

May 26, 2021

Smartphones, laptops, and messaging apps have all changed the way we do business. While mobile devices can enhance overall productivity, it also increases the risk of losing confidential business data.

That’s why its so important to have a plan in place to manage your disparate devices. But, what exactly is mobile device management and why is it so important. Let’s start with the basics.

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The Modern Desktop | Why its Still a Hot Topic

May 13, 2021

The Modern Desktop continues to be a hot topic. But why, and why should your company care?

At its core, the modern workplace is about a change in culture and developing strategies in which to better leverage the latest, greatest technologies in alignment with business processes.

It's driven from a deep desire and understanding to create a positive, collaborative culture suited to the modern worker. As well as an understanding that digital technology and tools are enablers of productivity and efficiency. 

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5 Chatbot Challenges and How to Overcome Them

March 4, 2021


Chatbots are great - when they work. But what happens when they don't? 

According to Forrester Research, 63% of customers will leave a company website after one poor experience, and almost two-thirds will not wait more than 2 minutes for assistance. So what does this mean for you?

If you have existing chatbots or are considering incorporating them into your website, there are a few things to remember. Although some solutions are technical, many of them are quite simple and easily remedied. 

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